There is always something extraordinary to see in nature and if you look a little closer, you discover a new way of seeing it.

C’è sempre qualcosa di straordinario da vedere nella natura e, se guardi un pò più da vicino, scopri un nuovo modo di vederla

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006 Autumn colors

Wood’s souls

marsh willow

005 Spring

Looking over

012 Forest

001 Autumn is coming

001 Beech wood

010 An autumn day

009 A rainy day

002 Fir wood

008 Fog among the beeches

006 Pine tree

05 Pine tree

011 Vibrations 2

004 Vibrations

003 Olive tree

007 Autumn colors

010 Snow

Alone 1

Alone 2

Breath’s forest

Forest’s breath

Magic forest 1

Magic forest 2


tree-line perspective

Vibration 2